My MCoBeauty

My MCoBeauty

Introducing… My MCoBeauty!

We’re celebrating some of our favourite MCoBeauties who have played an important role in sharing our #BSFreeBeauty message with the world. 

Join us over the next six weeks to hear our ambassadors speak about their own personal beauty journeys, plus they’ll open up their makeup bags and skincare cabinets, revealing their insider tips and tricks for achieving the ultimate luxe-for-less glow. 

Your MCoBeauty. Our MCoBeauty. My MCoBeauty.


Meet Ashlee

Ashlee has quickly become a prominent authority figure in the Australian beauty space, rising to incredible TikTok fame over the past few years. The ‘hey besties’ queen and CEO of ‘you better buckle in’, Ashlee shares her glamorous makeup tutorials and hilariously honest reviews of the beauty products she loves and the industry she adores, always keeping everyone coming back for more.

Follow Ashlee on Instagram and TikTok: @ashleedaymua



Meet Ellen

Ellen’s foolproof pro-MUA tips, hints and tricks have seen her quickly amass hundreds of thousands of fans. Ellen shares her wealth of luxury beauty industry experience with her trademark larger-than-life personality. Find out how Ellen discovered MCoBeauty and why she has become a devotee of the brand

Follow Ellen on Instagram and TikTok: @askellenbeauty



Meet AJ

AJ is a proud Barkindji and Buri Gubi First Nations woman, a PhD scholar, beauty-lover, model, activist and above all, mother. Sharing her self-love journey with confidence and creativity, AJ ultimately focuses on using her voice (and her platforms) to break down barriers and as a source of social change and we can’t get enough.

Follow AJ on Instagram: @8983aj and TikTok: @aliciaj1111




Meet Jane

Jane is all about acknowledging the beauty and gift of aging, becoming an accidental social media sensation after sharing her unfiltered, honest journey into her middle ages. With her infectious personality, Jane inspires us to celebrate what it really means to be yourself - from life to love, fashion to beauty and everything in between!

Follow Jane on Instagram: @themiddleagedgoddess




Meet Linh

Imagine waking up to 1.4 million social media hits overnight? This became Linh’s reality after a review of a certain now-viral Lip Oil. A self-confessed lip-gloss-obsessed girlie, fitness junkie and low-maintenance beauty lover, Linh is all about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.

Follow Linh on Instagram and TikTok:


Creative Director: Al Weekes 

Videography: Harry Glassborow

Video Editor: Sally Commins

HMUA: Kate Bonar Makeup